Die Rolle der HR in der Business-Kontinuität - Mit Wandel und Unwägbarkeiten umgehen

ADP, in partnership with CorporateLeaders, held a virtual executive briefing lead by HR executives, to discuss the role of HR in the future of work and how to embrace change.

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Raytheon Symposium: Leveraging L&D to overcome the skills shortages

Raytheon Professional Services, in partnership with CorporateLeaders,  held the RPS Symposium in London and Frankfurt and brought together senior HR and L&D leaders to share knowledge, best practice and ideas around the theme of “Leveraging L&D to Overcome the Skills Shortages”.

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The Role of HR in Supporting Digital Transformation

What role does HR play when it comes to supporting digital transformation? To address this, CorporateLeaders, in partnership with ADP, hosted an exclusive executive briefing to discuss the impact of digital transformation on the business and the people strategies and tools needed to be able to drive a successful change.

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Digital Disruption: Leadership in times of change
Business is changing. Old models of working are crashing down. Tried and tested ways are being challenged – and at the heart of it all is digital transformation. Get insights from a series of Executive Briefings hosted by the Center for Creative Leadership, in partnership with CorporateLeaders.

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We focus on providing exclusive membership services, intimate and content rich networking events, research, thought leadership and advice on business transformation with the executive needs and experiences at its core.

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Latest Articles
  • How The Pandemic Has Sped Up HR Transformation
    The global pandemic has ushered in massive workplace change. But it’s easy to forget that this change was already underway. Last year, the KPMG ‘future of HR 2019’ survey found that 70% of HR executives recognized the need for workforce transformation, yet only 40% of HR leaders had a digital work plan in place. The scramble to plan and transform this year was therefore sudden, but not unexpected.
  • Leveraging Automation And AI Across The Employee Lifecycle
    Today’s remote and anxious employee base, strategic workforce planning needs to become personal. This means understanding the current skills of every employee, knowing what the corporation and individual want or need to progress, and personalizing their career path. By embracing AI and Automation, managers and HR can enable this level of personalization and truly bring a meaningful employee experience to life.
  • Die Rolle der HR in der Business-Kontinuität - Mit Wandel und Unwägbarkeiten umgehen
    Unvorhergesehene Ereignisse, die tiefgreifende Veränderungen in unserem Arbeitsalltag mit sich bringen, stellen HR-Verantwortliche in Unternehmen vor umfangreiche neue Herausforderungen: Von der Unterstützung der Angestellten über die Sicherstellung von termingerechter Bezahlung bis hin zu der Überlegung, welche Prozesse angepasst und welche für die Zukunft bedacht werden müssen.
  • The Internet Of Things: How Has It Changed The Business Sector Forever?
    As the power of IoTs grows larger and larger, how will they affect businesses?

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