Unlocking Agility, Productivity & Visibility with Continuous Accounting Webinar

The future of finance is bright. Accenture predicts that by 2020, productivity of finance will increase by two to three times while organisational costs will decline by 40%. They also predict a dramatic shift in time spent on analysis, from a mere 25% today to 75% in the future. 

These transformative predictions are due in large part to the digitisation of accounting, and the digitisation of business in general. Technologies like cloud computing, mobile, automation and analytics are delivering dramatic improvements in efficiency, and finance organisations are tapping into it, with 82% of CFOs pointing to cloud applications as the future of their business applications.

So how do you brighten up your finance future? To find out, CorporateLeaders in partnership with BlackLine, hosted the FinanceLeaders Webinar “Unlocking Agility, Productivity & Visibility with Continuous Accounting” on 15th May.

The webinar was keynoted by Andy Young, Head of Finance at LV=, one of the UK’s largest insurance companies, and Andrew Wright, Manager, Solutions Consulting EMEA at BlackLine, and covered:

  • Evolution of and steps to continuous accounting
  • Transformational benefits of continuous accounting
  • How to get on the modern finance journey
  • Achieving point-in-time close
  • How LV= went through the modern finance journey and how they overcame key critical challenges

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