The Economics of IT Risk and Reputation

Business continuity and security have undergone a massive and rapid evolution in the last few years. It is no longer about staying in business in time of a natural disaster or making sure you can keep the hackers at bay but is now foundational to the financial well being of companies both large and small. Make no mistake the ‘crown jewel’ of any company is data. Legislation and regulations are escalating to continually force companies to ‘up their game’ to stay ahead of the growing continuity and security threats to this ever growing mountain of data. IBM teamed up with the Ponemon institute to dig deeper into the true economic impact of business continuity and security failures.

This groundbreaking study of more than 2,000 business continuity and IT security professionals, revealed key findings that you’ll want to delve into, share with your peers, and take action on, including how to:

  • Measure and communicate the fiscal impact of downtime and security incidents
  • Use compliance requirements to secure funding and establish focus
  • Put protections in place to help ensure resilience and security
  • Optimize IT productivity by 42%

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