Trends in globalization, new regulations and technologies, shorter response times and increased business complexity have brought the importance of risk to the forefront, placing an additional burden on the already busy finance and IT agenda and on senior executives involved in risk management. Organizations must evolve from basic compliance and ad-hoc responsiveness to running optimized business risk management operations, enabling them to reduce overall enterprise risk, improve resiliency to risk events and meet government reporting requirements.

The Risk Management Summit 2014, organized in partnership with CorporateLeaders, builds on last year’s business continuity theme and provides you the opportunity to learn and discuss key risk management challenges, trends and issues with your peers. Over one afternoon, leading experts will talk about the current risks facing organizations today and the future of risk management – including risk profiles and how to manage them from a business perspective; the impact of cloud based services on budget planning and corporate flexibility; how to minimize risk and establish continuity in a cloud environment; the benefits of data virtualization to risk management; cyber security; and how the future of risk management & continuity will look like.

Utrecht, The Netherlands
7th October
13:00 -18:30
Jaarbeurs Supernova

Genval, Belgium 
9th October
13:00 -18:30
Château Du Lac Hotel


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