Raytheon Symposium 2017
Training & Learning in a Changing World

27th September, 2017
London, UK
08:45 - 14:00

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Welcome Address

Jesper Lillelund
Director & Co-Founder, CorporateLeaders

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Learning & Development in a VUCA World: Inform, Inspire, Involve

Susan Goldsworthy
CEO, Goldswolf Sarl & Associates – Awarding Winning Author
and Former Olympic Finalist

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Creating Learning Flexibility While Following the Business Beat 

Steve Thompson
Director Business Development EMEA, Raytheon Professional Services

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Program and Content Curation in Times of Complexity

Aimee O’Malley
Global Learning & Development Business Partner, Google

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 Applying Adaptive Learning for Corporate and Individual Impact


Kim Webster
Global Director Learning & Development,American Express Global Business Travel

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Tailored Learning Solutions. Measurable Results.
Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) provides tailored learning solutions for customers in over 125 countries in 29 languages.
We help organizations meet their critical objectives by designing, implementing and managing training solutions that significantly improve workforce performance. Using data analytics, technology
and innovation to transform the learning process, we deliver
measurable results for a wide variety of industries and markets.



What is Microlearning?
In 2000 the average attention span was 12 seconds. Now it’s 8 seconds. That’s less than a Goldfish! By 2019 80% of all internet traffic will consist of video and by 2020 over half of the planet will have mobile internet. Workers spend 20% of their day searching for supporting resources and only 30% of learners feel they have access to effective learning. To find out more, CLICK HERE to watch the animated video.

The Challenges of Delivering Learning in Volatile Times
Why are so many companies not making it into middle, let alone, old age? There are all sorts of reasons, of course, but a common thread seems to be the failure to adapt to an increasingly volatile and unpredictable business world. Ensuring that your employees are learning the skills needed to be successful in volatility is essential to the survival of the business.




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