Over 50% of Fortune 500 companies from the year 2000 do not exist anymore – Why? They didn’t innovate and adapt their business models and operations to an ever-changing business world.

Now more than ever, organisations have to navigate a world that is more Volatile, more Uncertain, more Complex and more Ambiguous (VUCA). This new environment is challenging the ways companies train and develop employees to achieve sustained success. How do you best build, adapt, and deploy sustainable training and development programs when the world is getting more disruptive?

To better understand this, Raytheon Professional Services, in partnership with CorporateLeaders, is hosting the 5th annual Raytheon Symposium focusing on “Training & Learning in a Changing World” on 13th September in Frankfurt and 27th September in London.

This event is an exclusive peer-to-peer meeting bringing together 50 HR, Learning & Development and Training leaders to share knowledge and best practices, debate key training and development challenges, and network with peers and experts. The meeting is rounded off with a lunch to continue the debate and networking.

The program covers 4 key elements in working in a disruptive world.

  • Challenges and Opportunities for Learning & Development in a VUCA World
  • Program and Content Curation in Times of Uncertainty and Complexity
  • Applying Adaptive Learning for Corporate and Individual Impact
  • Creating Learning Flexibility While Following the Business Beat

Come to one of the events to hear more from and engage with experts and network with your peers. 

Frankfurt, Germany
13th September, 2017
09:00 - 14:00                              


London, UK
27th September, 2017
09:00 - 14:00





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