Raytheon Symposium 2016
Innovative Blended Learning

September 27, 2016
Frankfurt, Germany
09:00 - 14:00

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Welcome Address

Jesper Lillelund
Director & Co-Founder, CorporateLeaders

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Blended Learning Case Study

Steve Thompson
Director Business Development EMEA, Raytheon Professional Services

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CEO Vision: Aligning Business Success with Learning & Development Strategies 

Benedikt Füssel
Director Human Resources, Head of Talent & Development
PBC and Germany, Deutsche Bank

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Gamification: From Gimmick to Reality

Isa Sammet
Enterprise Gamification Education Lead, SAP

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The Future of Mobile Learning

Dirk Burkamp
EMEA Learning Technology Leader, PwC

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 Innovations in Social Learning


Christian Böhler
Senior Learning Technologies and Methods Manager,
RWE Group Business Services

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 Integrated Blended Learning and ROI

Jesper Lillelund
Director & Co-Founder, CorporateLeaders

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Tailored Learning Solutions. Measurable Results.
Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) provides tailored learning solutions for customers in over 125 countries in 29 languages.
We help organizations meet their critical objectives by designing, implementing and managing training solutions that significantly improve workforce performance. Using data analytics, technology
and innovation to transform the learning process, we deliver
measurable results for a wide variety of industries and markets.

How Gamification in Learning Revolutionises the Workplace
‘Gamification’ has fast become one of the growth areas in learning. Gamification techniques (immersive game-based problem solving; rewards, points, scores, progress bars etc.) not only make learning fun, but they motivate, stretch, and force learners to make connections in a much more involving way. But how does Gamification in Learning revolutionise the workplace? It’s essential that businesses understand what the next generation of blended learning looks like, and make sure virtual environments deliver corporate goals.

Impact of Social Learning in the Workplace
Learning does not simply take place through instruction, but that it is a social activity – occurring by observing and modeling others. In e-learning circles, social learning is regarded as a key part of the ‘blended learning’ experience. But while social learning is an L&D opportunity which organisations can leverage with their younger, social-media active workers, there remains a gap between idea and implementation. This requires a solution architected to meet the needs of everyone, from new hirers to high performers.




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