Why We Need To Rethink Jobs To Get The Most From AI  

28 September 2018:

Of all of the technologies that underpin the 4th Industrial Revolution, AI has undoubtedly received the most hype in terms of its ability to transform the workplace. Breathless tomes have predicted the demise of millions of jobs as automated systems frogmarch their way through workplace after workplace.

Except the reality is somewhat different. A recent report on the state of digital transformation by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte Digital suggests that progress is glacial. This is despite executives telling INSEAD researchers that AI and big data have the biggest potential for disruptive change.

This enthusiasm hasn’t actually resulted in much of significance however. Indeed, a recent survey of 2,300 executives conducted by MIT Tech Review and Pure Storage found a C-suite that was enthusiastic about the prospects of AI-driven change, but with little really to show but enthusiasm.

Many are engaging in pilot projects, but there is a profound sense of ‘me too’ in them all, as the pilots are usually at arms length from the rest of the business and with little hope or evidence that they will be scaled up. Indeed, in many organizations there is no resource to do any scaling up.

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Source: Forbes

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