Why charismatic leaders can be so dangerous at work  

15 March 2021:

Being charismatic is often seen as a powerful trait in a manager. Not only are these leaders confident, able to express themselves clearly and charm others, their allure is believed to motivate teams to produce positive results for businesses.

It’s difficult to think of a leader who doesn’t have some degree of charisma. After all, leaders need to be engaging and cause others to want to listen to them. But charisma has downsides too - and in some cases, an overly charismatic leader can be disastrous for companies.

“One of the biggest issues of valuing charisma as a leadership trait is that it is subjective. Much like beauty, charisma is in the eye of the beholder,” says Hanna Andersen, leadership coach and founder of the career coaching organisation As We Are.

“Many leaders who we ascribe charisma to display excessive confidence and narcissism,” she says. “Narcissistic leaders are more likely to make decisions that benefit them as an individual rather than the company, employees or customers. This could lead to excessive risk and bad decisions.”

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Source: Yahoo! Finance

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