Trends in Business Transformation Survey of European Executives  

17 April 2007:

The past few decades in business have been characterised by a succession of fundamental shifts in the way companies operate and structure themselves. In their search for greater efficiencies, economies of scale or lower costs, companies have embraced trends such as outsourcing, offshoring, and mergers and acquisitions, while rapid technological development has transformed the way information is shared and communicated, and the way business processes and transactions are conducted.

Although trends such as offshoring, mergers and acquisitions, and large-scale IT projects can have different objectives and require different skills, they are all examples of business transformation. Each type of project requires executives to set clear objectives, to ensure that those aims are understood by everyone in the organisation and to focus carefully on the implementation stage so that the objectives are achieved. In short, each project is about managing large-scale change – something that in today’s highly distributed, global organisation is a complex and demanding undertaking.

Based on a survey of senior executives from Western Europe and a series of indepth interviews with executives, this briefing paper produced by Capgemini Consulting in co-operation with the Economist Intelligence Unit, explores the trends that are driving business transformation and looks at the challenges and opportunities presented by this vital aspect of contemporary business.

The findings are based on two main strands of research: an online survey of 125 senior executives from Western Europe at businesses with minimum annual revenues of US$500m and interviews with 15 senior executives from across industry to ascertain their views. Our sincere thanks go to all the interviewees and survey respondents for sharing their insights on this topic.


Source: Capgemini

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