Top 6 Tips to Learn Proper Time Management Skills  

14 April 2021:

It is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin that time is money. Just like you need to handle money efficiently, time needs similar attention as well.

You can strike the best mix between jobs, recreation, and resting time if you handle time properly. You can pursue your daily task efficiently if you learn proper time management skills.

Also, you will feel lighter, and your mental health will improve significantly.

Here are six proven time management skills told by one of the best life coaches in London which you can master to handle your time more effectively.

1. Set goals

By defining goals, you can determine what your time is worth and what kind of distraction to distance from.

Start by telling yourself where you want to be in a specific period of time. Then move forward over the next year or perhaps a decade and see where you want to be.

Set practical and measurable professional and personal objectives. This is an important initiative to improve time management.

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