This is what work will look like in 2100  

18 July 2018:

The workplace has evolved dramatically in the past 100, 50, even 10 years; but to the futurists whose job it is to consider where all these changes are taking us, we’re only just beginning a revolution that will completely redefine why, where, when, and how we work.

London-based online office marketplace Hubble recently asked a pair of futurists to explore what the workplace of the 2030s and 2100s will look like, and the results paint a more completed picture of a world that’s already begun to emerge.

They believe that automation will push future workers to roles and tasks that are quintessentially human, abolishing leftover vestiges of the industrial revolution–such as standardized working hours and traditional hierarchies–toward something that more resembles the tribal and community-oriented work structures of pre-industrial times.

“If you look at the way we lived nomadically early on, it was very important to be with other nomads who were good for you, helping your survive,” said Liselotte Lyngsø, founding partner of Copenhagen-based consultancy Future Navigator. “I think we can use that as a metaphor for the way we’ll organize our work life in the future; you need to be in a tribe where you are better at getting things done together.”

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Source: Fast Company

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