Leaders: Break Through Your Learning Blockers  

20 September 2018:

One of the most important leadership skills you can develop is the capacity to objectively diagnose your counterproductive preferences and tendencies — especially the ones that insulate you from the learning that helps you stay relevant.

Pay attention to the people you work with and you’ll quickly notice which ones are habitually prone to slow down their learning — or block it altogether. They’re the ones who go through the motions at meetings, failing to find relevant and interesting things to learn and contribute. They remain content with what they already know, avoiding reading or exploring new subjects. And they’re the ones who treat both the informal and formal learning opportunities they encounter as nothing more than a quick box to check.

Perhaps you identify one of these tendencies in yourself, or maybe you’ve been blocking your learning path in subtler ways. When you’re faced with a challenging situation, what’s your go-to approach? Do you default to what’s familiar in order to muster confidence and make quick progress, or do you stretch out, embrace the unknown, and take your time to explore what’s different and what’s possible?

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Source: Strategy-Business

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