Importance of prioritising in the workplace  

16 April 2021:

In the exceedingly frantic and fast-paced career world, determining what deserves attention first can be hard and overwhelming.

This is when prioritising comes in handy for it helps in proper planning and organising of your work depending on what is really important and what matters most.

Dr Opiyo Andala, the dean, School of Education at Mount Kenya University says at times variety of tasks at our workplace can become overwhelming, making many employees not able to handle the stress which sometimes ends up affecting their productivity in general.

In such cases, he says the skill of prioritisation becomes a handy tool as it allows one to plan their daily activities to create the right value.

In the process of prioritising, Andala explains “It allows one to make informed decisions about what they need to do, what you don’t need to do, and when you need to focus on certain tasks.

“This is key to effective responsibility management, especially if you are working on the right tasks. It also helps one to focus on important tasks which enables them to work with full attention and focus, thus ensuring more productivity and efficiency,” he says.

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Source: The New Times

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