How To Succeed At Digital Transformation  

1 February 2021:

Businesses today face a digital catch-22. Unless they succeed at digital transformation, they will become irrelevant. But digital transformation is costly, difficult and the required investment may be more urgently needed elsewhere in the short-term.

Why is digital transformation still so difficult today? After all, it has been on many executive agendas for a decade or more.

Many organizations digitize – convert something into a digital format usable by computers – or even digitalize and deploy digital data and technologies to improve business operations. For example, automating a procurement process, and using algorithms to make procurement decisions and analytics software to provide insight. But this only impacts procurement; it is not digital transformation, though many might think, or hope, it is. To succeed at digital transformation the whole of the business needs to be involved. It requires radical redesign, then deployment, of business models, activities, processes, and competencies to fully leverage the opportunities that digital technologies can offer.

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Source: Forbes

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