How To Ensure A Seamless Transition When A Key Company Leader Leaves  

5 February 2021:

When a leader leaves your organization, even on amicable terms, it could prompt a significant upheaval in the department that they were a part of. Depending on how intrinsic they were to that department’s function, their departure may even shift the company's operations.

For a business to weather this issue, the organization should try to achieve a smooth transition to the new leader. But how does a company ensure that both the new leader and the current staff will successfully adjust to this change? Below, eight entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council offer their best advice on how businesses can ensure a smooth transition of duties for all involved.

1. Start The Conversations Early

I have regular discussions with many of our leadership team members asking about their long-term career plans and how our company fits into them. When we have had a senior leader leave, I knew it was coming months in advance because of these types of conversations, so we had time to plan a transition and train up another person for their role. Creating an environment where people trust you enough to talk openly about their future plans allows for much better succession planning. - Kelsey Raymond, Influence & Co.

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Source: Forbes

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