How To Build Authentic Brand Trust In A Polarized World  

16 February 2021:

Digital technology’s massive growth has long been destined for a head-on collision with trusted brand authenticity. In a polarized, fast-changing environment, issues have measurable consequences on brand reputation and company revenue. Trending news and customer sentiment on topics including data privacy, ethics, social justice, and sustainability can immediately reflect on any company’s brand.

Knee-jerk responses like pausing political contributions under public pressure won’t cut it. Here’s how some high-tech industry researchers described the challenges and opportunities facing companies intent on building authentic brand trust in a dynamically fractious world.

Trust management efforts will soar

In a recently published Future of Trust report, IDC researchers called on business leaders and technology suppliers to “evolve their understanding of trust and how to achieve it to succeed in the digital economy.” IDC predicted that by 2025, 80 percent of chief trust officers will demand vendors incorporate security and risk capabilities to measure corporate trust, including vendor relationships and employee reputation.

However, managing trust requires greater business accountability. Josh Greenbaum, principal at Enterprise Applications Consulting, was amazed at the unprecedented activism of many organizations in the wake of the U.S. insurrection in early January.

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Source: Forbes

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