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11 September 2018:

The Power of Digitally-Enabled Assessments
“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”

The quote has been attributed to both Socrates and Aristotle, but regardless of the source, the words are still relevant today. Understanding ourselves — our strengths, shortcomings, and why we do the things we do — is the starting point for personal growth and accelerating leader development.

For decades, we’ve assessed leaders using personality tests, psychological inventories, 360 surveys, and evaluations by trained observers. These tools are immensely helpful in giving leaders critical insights about themselves and the impact they have on others and on the organization as a whole. But now, HR leaders have an opportunity to take assessments to the next level by:

Providing leaders with new feedback sources to enhance their decision-making about what leadership areas to target for development.
Giving leaders real-time feedback to enhance their ability to lead.
Offering leaders more personalized guidance with a clearer picture of their development journey.
Technologies that leaders use to enrich their personal lives such as immersive games and simulations, intelligent personal assistants, social networking sites or apps, and biometric monitoring are now helping leaders get a deeper look at who they are, including how they show up in the digital workplace. Within seconds, we can assess personality based on social media posts. Wearable devices monitor our stress level around the clock.

Instead of waiting for the next employee survey, new tools let leaders ask for and receive feedback as often as needed.

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Source: Center for Creative Leadership


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