Can CEOs be un-disruptable?  

4 March 2019:

What does it take to meet the challenges of today’s relentless market pressures? Our study suggests a new model for CEOs to aspire to.


Cultivating a passion for ambiguity

CHIEF executives have traditionally sat at the intersection of the external environment and the internal organization, observing chaos and translating it into clear and actionable instructions. At this “nerve center” for essential information, our popular perception of the “un-disruptable” CEO is of a rigid, impenetrable figure, successfully staring down external adversity. Whether this image ever truly matched reality is debatable, but we know one thing for sure: it definitely no longer applies. To be un-disruptable today requires much more than steering companies through singular (if monumental) events—it demands leaders navigate constant turbulence, continuously adjusting their actions accordingly.

 Accelerating market forces and increasing environmental complexity mean companies often getting no warning before chaos, and no recovery period afterward (for more on the accelerating pace of disruption, see the sidebar, “Putting disruption in perspective.”). Against this backdrop, leadership is about more than just translating order into chaos. Today’s CEOs seem required to maintain constant pressure to transform their organizations by cultivating a high-tolerance, if not a passion, for ambiguity—and to infuse others with the same mindset. In a volatile world, today’s leaders need flexibility, agility, and a willingness to extend their organization’s capabilities into new and, sometimes, unexpected areas to keep ahead of relentless competition.

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Source: Deloitte

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