A Practical Plan to Become a More Agile Learner  

22 August 2018:

To be ready for change, leaders must learn every day they’re on the job, taking each communication, decision-making event, or problem-solving test as a potential growth experience. By deliberately mining the workday for opportunities to learn, managers can form the good habits that accelerate learning agility and avoid the bad habits that slow it down.

These transformation-ready leaders don’t ask what they need to know about a given circumstance; they ask what they can learn from it. The subtle difference signals a flexible, curiosity-driven mind-set in the latter, and exposes a more rigid, expertise-forward attitude in the former that may limit their relevance beyond their core set of skills.

Pay attention to the people you work with, and you’ll quickly begin to spot the curious learners. They’re the ones who casually linger after a meeting to follow up, ask questions, and dig deeper. They’re the ones with above-average library fines and subscription fees because they hunger to read, consume podcasts, and spread their curiosity in new directions. And they’re the early adopters and connectors asking, “What’s the next big thing?”

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Source: Strategy-Business

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