6 Leadership Best Practices to Empower Your Workforce  

2 February 2021:

Leadership is an active, continual process. While certain people may be innately better at empowering and motivating others, leadership is a skill that can be developed — and one that needs thoughtful practice.

At its most fundamental level, leadership is the ability to make situations and people better. The best leaders nurture and inspire their team to perform better and reach their greatest potential. They encourage everyone on their team to exercise their own voice and ideas, regardless of authority, title or position, and to become leaders themselves. If you look at the best teams across industries, they share a common attribute: The best teams are teams of leaders.

Every human is unique, with each of us having our own motivations, biases and neuroses. So it's no surprise that people who study leadership focus on the space between those differences. They understand behavior and psychology. The way leaders want to lead may not always work for everyone, so nuance and adaptability are key.

Here are six leadership strategies that are universal — regardless of industry or team size.

1. Lead yourself first

The first step to leadership is to first understand how you naturally lead. Are you an upbeat, outgoing leader that enjoys giving praise to keep morale high? Or are you a stoic leader who commands quality and believes praise is to be earned?

When consciously developing your leadership style, the goal should be to understand who you are and what makes you thrive. Once you understand your leadership preferences, you can correct course as needed when speaking with individuals on your team.


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Source: Entrepreneur

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