5 Questions to Ask Before Taking the Leap to Innovate  

21 August 2018:

Deciding to innovate from a place of stability can be unnerving — but it's a must for survival. Here are five questions that will help you move forward while maintaining your existing offerings.

The USS Enterprise was built in the 1950s, commissioned in 1961, and retired in 2013.

That means that the U.S. naval aircraft carrier was being designed "probably before the start of the Korean War," said MIT Sloan senior lecturer Steven Spear, an expert on managing complex development, designs, and delivery.

"Certainly before the Vietnam War, before the Cuban Missile Crisis, before the Navy had to support land-based operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, before anyone had even the glimmer of a possibility of a portable photocopier, let alone a desktop PC," Spear said. "The internal systems, the weaponry, the missions, 50 years later nothing was the same. [It was] designed and rebuilt on the fly."

But reinventing and innovating while keeping an existing enterprise afloat isn’t easy. In a new white paper “Making the leap: Creating new, breakthrough platforms while sustaining existing ones,” Spear proposes five questions an established organization should ask itself as it pursues new innovations.

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Source: MIT Sloan

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