14 Ways To Build A Solid Crisis Management Strategy  

8 March 2021:

In business, a crisis lurking right around the corner could hit without warning at any time. Because such events are, by definition, unexpected—often impossible to imagine, much less predict—leaders need to develop solid strategies for quickly responding to any crisis that might arise to ensure that their businesses can survive and continue to thrive.

Crises can come in so many different forms that creating a comprehensive plan to deal with every issue you might encounter isn't a viable option. Fortunately, smart leaders understand how to build a flexible crisis management strategy that can be adapted to meet the needs of swiftly evolving situations.

Here, 14 members of Forbes Coaches Council discuss steps you can take to design and implement an effective crisis management strategy for your company.

1. Learn Resilience And Accept Vulnerability

To overcome a crisis, leaders need to be agile and learn resilience. This includes making difficult decisions with limited information and being prepared to lead through the outcomes that arise based on these quick decisions. Gaining the confidence to lead your organization and team will be imperative. Embracing vulnerability is also essential, as you must recognize that not all decisions will lead to the desired outcome.

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Source: Forbes

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