12 Essential Habits to Help Leaders Take Bias out of their Decisions  

29 March 2021:

As human beings, our personal experiences, backgrounds and upbringings influence the way we see the world. Everyone has these biases, and they’re not always negative—but for business leaders, it’s important to develop self-awareness about their perspectives and how they may impact important business decisions.

Here, 12 members of Fast Company Executive Board share the strategies they’ve developed to minimize their personal biases in business decisions and arrive at the best outcome for all stakeholders.

1. Ask for other opinions before offering yours

Build a great advisory board, both within and outside your company. Your outside advisors could be industry experts, investors, and/or customers. Your internal advisors are your team and employees. Constantly ask for their feedback—not only during one-to-ones but also as part of larger team meetings. Practice asking for others’ opinions before providing yours—a practice that can be hard for management. – Anju Mathew, LynkCare, Inc., dba OncoLens.

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Source: Fast Company

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