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24 March 2009

 Finance Transformation Outsourcing Shared Services

Finance Transformation Outsourcing Shared Services


Welcome to the Finance Transformation Leaders Conference post event site. Here you will find an overview of the event, presentations to download, photos and dates of next events and meetings to continue the debate and networking.

Collaborative Transformation - The Evolution of Finance Transformation

The Finance Transformation Leaders Conference organized by CorporateLeaders, an independent network for executives transforming Finance and HR processes, was held in Brussels on March 24th. The event gathered some of the industry's most senior executives from across Europe to network, debate and exchange ideas about the (r)Evolution of finance transformation through outsourcing and shared services. Attendees represented a cross-section of industries where 58% were from corporations transforming their operations, 16% from service providers, 13% from advisory and consulting firms and 13% from other areas.

As the financial crisis continues to preside in today’s business world some corporations and senior executives are struggling to meet the current business challenges, while others are using this as their window of opportunity to clean up, transform, streamline internal operations, and to tie even stronger and closer bonds with their networks and affiliates.

From the presentations, debates and conversations it became apparent that finance transformation is currently in a state of evolution. Finance executives in matured shared services and/or BPO deals continue to have a strong focus on cost related benefits but are shifting some of this focus to the organization, people & talent, relationships and innovation by adopting collaborative transformational strategies and techniques.

Transformation based on real innovation is essential for success and sustainable results. By adopting collaborative transformation techniques with the people, providers and technologies, companies can realize huge benefits both on the bottom line but also on the impact that finance has on internal and external customers.

There are evident examples that best practice finance transformation projects not only prove to reduce costs but also significantly impact a company’s brand equity and in turn derive as an innovative source to improve customer satisfaction and eventually future revenues of the business.

Throughout the conference an interactive survey was conducted where a series of questions were asked to gain insights into the key drivers and priorities for finance transformation, barriers to change, innovation, outsourcing and the financial crisis. The results of the survey will be published in April.

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