What’s Your Answer? 25 Questions from Content Marketing Experts  

7 August 2018:

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know the questions your executives or clients will ask before they pose them to you?

You would have the time to think about the answer and tailor your response for the circumstances. Then, when asked, you could respond immediately and thoughtfully, impressing the interrogator.

Well, the presenters at Content Marketing World want to help. They’re sharing the best questions they’ve been asked about content marketing. In a few cases, they share their answers and in others, we share some content that could help you formulate your answer.

But let’s not stop there. How would you answer any or all of them? Include your response in the comments (please label it with the question number for easy reference). And next month, we’ll compile all the questions and answers in an updated blog post.

1. Should we do this?
Too often clients say, “Can we do this?” They are so enamored by what’s new and possible that they don’t stop to ask whether it’s right for the audience, right for the message, and whether it could work.

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Source: Content Marketing Institute

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