Three steps to level up your b2b marketing in 2021  

18 February 2021:

2020 was full of disruption and fast pivoting across the marketing spectrum. But for B2B marketers—whose plans are often anchored around in-person events—this period changed the playbook on how to reach crucial business decision-makers. To learn more about how the business decision-making process has changed—and how marketers are adapting accordingly—Twitter partnered with Bain on a new research study.

What we found surprised us: There’s quite a disconnect between how marketers think they influence the buying process and how they actually do.

What B2B decision-makers say about your brand is more important than anything you tell them yourself. But there’s a silver lining: You can influence the conversations they’re having about you.

Step 1: Create opportunities that foster connection.

In this new environment, marketing hasn’t lost its importance.

What has changed, however, is that 50% of buyers expect networking to be harder in a virtual environment. They’re concerned they won’t have the opportunity to interact with vendors the way they used to.

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Source: AdAge

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