The future of digital marketing: AI vs. human copywriters  

15 October 2018:

Creativity is the divine spark that has urged people to come up with genius ideas and embody them in grandiose projects. In business, in its turn, the industry where creativity thrived the most was advertising. Imagination and a disruptive approach were valued above all.

Today, now big data is the master, the priority is shifting to AI-powered technologies which can provide the light-speed processing of data, super-effective work with statistics and production of content.

With the booming investment in AI, according to Serene Capital, there were 271 funding rounds for AI startups raising on average $3.7m each in 2017, advances in AI are accelerating almost on a daily basis. It is no wonder that businesses are tapping into the potential that AI-enabled computers are giving to them.

Among these businesses is content marketing — the industry which, according to the forecast, will be worth $412bn by 2021. Copywriting by programmed systems has moved from science-fiction to commercial fact. Businesses need impressive, clear and well-researched content to fill in their product page which will allow users to make informed decisions and encourage them to buy.

Nowadays, the area where creativity ruled is being given to a computer program providing automated content, and the sector is managed by data scientists and number-nerds. The question that is pondered on here is whether there is a place left for creativity and, consequently, for humans in the industry of content marketing. Or are robots going to supplant creative human copywriters altogether?

The truth is that advertising has in many ways benefited from AI technologies. Machines do heavy data processing much faster and more effectively. Algorithms have been trained to analyze written as well as voice-based content, to assist companies to identify which ads are most relevant for users and contribute the most to the success of an advertising campaign.

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Source: The Innovation Enterprise

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