The dark art of SEO explained  

6 June 2019:

Optimising a website for search is not a simple process. It has been described by many as a dark art and, because the search engines like Google and others are regularly changing their algorithms, it is very easy to get left behind if you are not actively involved in the game. So how do you win at SEO and what can you do to ensure that your website ranks higher than those of your competitors and that in turn, you get more traffic and better returns for your advertisers or for your commercial goals? Here are a few ideas to help set you on the path towards winning at SEO.


Work with experts

Winning at SEO is a bit like winning the Tour de France, it is not something that you can do on your own. It is a hugely competitive space and you need to have a team working with you. Look around to find the team that works best for you, but it goes without saying that when it comes to SEO agencies Sydney has some of the best teams in the world standing by to work with you. These agencies are up to date with the latest information on what is in the Google algorithms, they can broker link sharing deals and will help develop a complete SEO strategy. You will be instrumental in the implementation of the strategy, but in terms of developing it such that you get the best return for your spend, you are definitely best placed by working with an agency.

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Source: European Business Review

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