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The Case for Community-Based Marketing in 2021  

2 April 2021:

It would be easy to attribute the weak B2B marketing efforts to the pandemic or the reduced budgets that resulted from it, but the uncomfortable truth is that traditional marketing tactics are becoming outdated and ineffective and need to be updated.

When every B2B marketer is following the same game book, it’s time to create a new game. Community-based marketing (CBM) can be that game.

Digital communities have seen an upswing in the past few months. Introducing CBM into your strategy can help you attract the attention, action, and loyalty of prospects and customers.

What is community-based marketing and why is it now?

We are now all very familiar with the concept of account-based marketing (ABM). So where does CBM fit in?

Community-based marketing leverages the common connections you find in a professional community. People in these communities are brought together through a collective practice or area of ??expertise, and CBM leverages these connections to build closer and more valuable relationships with prospects and clients.

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Source: Central News Magazine

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