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Stop Thinking Content, Start Thinking Resources  

1 July 2015:

Providing something useful, as the dictionary defines resource, is core to fulfilling content marketing objectives. We need to stop thinking about creating more stuff and start thinking about how to build things of utility that meaningfully help solve our audiences’ problems.

Content vs. resource

Content can be a resource and a resource can be content, so it’s important to distinguish how we can differentiate the two.

In brief:
Content generally provides information. Resources provide solutions to problems.

Content can address any question or topic. Resources specifically address the needs of the target audience.

Content may be superficial. Resources, by virtue of their need to solve problems, must be reasonably comprehensive.

Content may be organized haphazardly. Resources need a sufficiently coherent organization to effectively solve the audience’s problems.

Content tells an audience: “I have these things to say, come listen to me.” Resources appeal to the audience: “We understand you have these problems or needs, let us help you solve them.”

Still not clear? Let me show you some examples.

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Source: content Marketing Institute

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