How to Plan a Year’s Worth of Content With One Original Research Survey  

1 August 2018:

When you look at the library of content you publish, is it a string of somewhat-related blog posts, videos and more — or do all the pieces work together to tell a better, broader story?

Of course (to poorly paraphrase Robert Rose), you want your editorial to tell one story instead of each piece being disconnected from the rest.

While there are many ways to do this, one approach that works well is to use a survey-based research project to bring focus to all of your editorial. That research can serve as your keystone from which spring many assets and related stories.

This article walks you through the steps of designing and publishing survey-based original research to make it the cornerstone for your editorial plan.

But, before I begin, an important note: The goal of your research is to be able to tell a compelling story validated with data. The quality of your data is, of course, important, but it needs to relate to a broader story. Constantly ask yourself: Why will someone care?

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Source: Content Marketing Institute

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