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How technology is changing the role of the CMO in 2021  

15 April 2021:

The role of the CMO is amidst a major transformation especially with the pandemic pushing towards a digital-first focus. The role of the CMO isn’t easy, to begin with however this past year has made it increasingly difficult. On average, CMOs are the shortest-tenured members of the C-suite. Companies all around the world are dealing with growing customer expectations, smaller budgets, adjusted customer priorities, and the CMO is set to take responsibility for how well their company deals with those pressures.

With more technology available than ever before, CMOs must bridge the gap between marketing and tech to forge connections with customers and reap success for their brands. From social media to CRM platforms to diverse multimedia channels, CMOs are learning to tap into the wealth of data and tools at their fingertips while ensuring they fulfill the full spectrum of their responsibilities.

Fortunately, the increased need for CMOs to have a major role in technology decisions brings rewards as well as challenges. CMOs are able to accomplish more than ever and play a bigger part in how their companies operate. They also get the opportunity to form powerful relationships with CIOs to increase their ability to achieve the goals of their department and the goals of the company as a whole.

However, this can seemingly become a challenge for many CMO’s due to the warp speed of digitalization. In fact, 44 percentage of B2B marketers say that digital fatigue is one of their biggest challenges of 2021. With a strategic approach and the right mindset modern marketers are quickly rising to meet these challenges head-on.

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