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Four Mistakes B2B Marketers Make When Creating Content For Sales Enablement  

6 April 2021:

Content marketing is a tool that should be used to smooth every stage and touch point of the customer journey.

Sales enablement content is ultimately designed to help sales move leads down the sales funnel toward conversion. It is the practice of creating every and any content asset salespeople may need on this journey to counter pain points and sales objections.

For B2B marketers used to speaking directly to leads and customers — albeit through words, images or film — this is not the easiest mindset shift. Yet, when done right, it can have a hugely positive impact on sales figures and sales cycle length.

With this in mind, here are four common sales enablement content mistakes.

Failing to Think Beyond Customer-Facing Content

When tasked with creating sales enablement content, marketers commonly go straight to assets that allow them to speak directly to the consumer.

However, in sales enablement, marketers must move away from the mindset that tells us our only channel to communicate with the customer is online. Sales reps frequently call, directly email, or meet with leads in person — in this case, the sales reps are our channel.

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Source: Forbes

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