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13 November 2012:

Content marketing is a big buzz word. Most marketers will agree that the purpose of content marketing is to engage B2B buyers with compelling content to educate, inform, entertain and guide them along their buying journey. And while you want to help buyers make pragmatic and informed decisions, your ultimate goal is to persuade them to select your solution over competing alternatives. But what’s behind the buzz? We conducted a survey with the 30,000+ member B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn to learn more about the latest trends in content marketing.

Here is a quick summary of the most important trends we found:

The Top-5 Trends in Content Marketing

1. Content marketing is expanding dramatically in terms of tactics, forms and volume of content

  • 84 percent of marketers say content production is on the rise
  • Over half of the participants are using 10 or more formats and tactics that they deem “effective”
  • These same respondents are spreading content creation across 6 different functional roles

2. Content is at the heart of B2B marketers top 3 goals—lead generation, market education and brand awareness

3. The fastest growing content format is Infographics, whose use increased 1.5x from last year

4. The biggest challenge for marketers is time and bandwidth to create content

  • 94 percent of B2B marketers create new content from scratch

5. Most B2B marketers are trying to measure content engagement

  • Web traffic, views & downloads and lead quantity & quality are the top 3 measurements

Source:  Everything Technology Marketing


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