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Accelerating the ABM customer journey  

16 April 2021:

“Ensuring our brand is consistently visible to our target audience is critical. Deploying an ABM strategy ensures we can not only reach key accounts with precision targeting but also engage them through a multi-faceted approach across all stages of their buyer journey.”

A neat summary of why so many B2B strategies these days are simply ABM strategies. The summary came from Maura Smith, Senior VP Marketing at Pepperjam, in the context of some questions about how they’ve been leveraging Madison Logic’s new Journey Acceleration Measurement solution in beta.

Pepperjam is a leading affiliate marketing lifecycle management platform. It helps brands, advertisers and publishers discover quality affiliate partners, track their performance, and pay them through an aligned commission/attribution model. It also provides affiliate marketing support to agencies.

For some time, of course, B2B marketers have been investing in digital: “During the pandemic, the increase in digital, performance-based ABM was dramatic. What that did was put even more pressure on the marketing organizations to fuel the pipeline — especially given that the number one pipeline generator, face-to-face events was gone.”

Marketers now face a demand for transparency and accountability when it comes to spending marketing dollars. “What we’ve been able to do is provide a unified measurement platform that sales and marketing can view to see how the marketing budget is impacting a target list of accounts across three distinct paid marketing channels: content syndication, display advertising and LinkedIn.”

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