8 Seo must dos for marketing success  

14 May 2018:

SEO takes considerable effort—you need to know the right tricks to get seen, clicked and mentioned. Here are eight absolute SEO must dos to include in your marketing strategy.

1- Perform an SEO Audit

First and foremost, you need to have a big picture of what is going on with your website. Performing a thorough SEO audit can help to spot strong and weak points in your system. That is the starting point for improving SEO stats.

Here’s a little breakdown of SEO audit steps:

Crawl the site;

  • Analyze search results;
  • Check user journeys throughout the website;
  • Run through the backlinks, leave the good ones;
  • Redirect all variations of the domain to the original;
  • Check meta descriptions and tagging;
  • Check the uniqueness of the content.

2- Optimize home and landing pages

The goal here is to optimize your key pages and make them strong – i.e. as engaging and attractive for search engines as possible.

  • Clean up the metadata—make titles and descriptions to the point and instantly understandable;
  • Add keywords for relevance in search results;
  • Make the pages consistent in style and user-friendly in experience;
  • Fill it with the content with the right messaging to motivate users to consider your brand and raise their hands to be contacted.

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Source: ChiefMarketer

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