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7 Costly Misconceptions About B2B Content Marketing  

4 February 2021:

B2B marketing has changed a great deal over the last decade (and arguably even more so over the last year). To be sure, such transformations have affected content marketing just about every step of the way.

Throughout the rise of social media, the near ubiquitous adoption of marketing automation platforms, the shift toward account-based strategies, and the advent of more recent innovations like intent data, the way B2B marketers leverage content has continued to evolve.

I’ve often been impressed by some brands’ content marketing efforts over this period. Just as often, however, I’ve seen organizations and marketers fall into common content traps that undercut their hard work and waste valuable resources. Such traps largely result from misconceptions about what content marketing is or how it should be done. Here’s a list of what I’ve found to be the most common and costly of those misconceptions, and how to rectify them.

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Source: CMS WiRE

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