4 Issues for Communications Leaders to Consider for Strategic Planning  

17 August 2018:

Corporate communications must appropriately spend and allocate resources to support their business objectives.

Measure seven times, cut once. The old adage urging a wealth of preparation to prevent costly mistakes later applies equally well to strategic planning — the periodic exercise in which organizations define their strategies and make resource-allocation decisions to pursue them. Many companies and functions fail to prepare properly for the strategic planning process, but proper information gathering is a critical part of the prep.

For communications teams, the first step is to verify the business context so they know how to focus their own time and resources to support the most important business outcomes. It is also critical to evaluate the maturity and importance of key functional capabilities that will be needed to support the overall business goals.

“The communications function is increasingly evolving from strict order-taker to a strategic partner”

As communication leaders set their strategies, Karl Schmidt, practice lead at Gartner, shares key ideas from the Gartner Communications Resource Allocation Benchmarking Survey that should be considered to support 2019 business objectives.

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Source: Gartner

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