11 Things to Do Every Month to Boost Your Conversion Rates  

24 October 2018:

Many marketers think once a reasonable conversion rate is achieved, status quo is acceptable.

Don’t fall into the conversion complacency trap.

How do you improve your conversion rates month after month?

Do these 11 tasks regularly to keep upping the ante because even if your conversion rate outperforms every competitor you still want better numbers.

1. Update A/B test variations
An A/B test is like a cage match without all the violence. At the end, you’ll have a clear winner.

Test only one element at a time. It could be a landing page, a headline, a call to action, an image, social proof, or something else.

Your lead generation tools can automate the testing and identify when it reaches statistical significance – indicating you have enough data on which to make a sound decision about what content element converts better.

2. Track conversions that lead to sales
Understanding customers’ buying cycles can also help you improve conversion rates. Review your sales analytics to identify which content is more likely to lead to a sale.

For example, which landing pages are more likely to convert to a sale? The differentiator could be the copy, the offer, or something else. Review how the landing pages differ and do more of what works better.

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Source: Content Marketing Institute

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