Leads Enhancement

How to multiply leads and enhance the value of events

A CorporateLeaders Partner Consulting Service

The good news is that the economy is picking up but the challenges companies face in exploiting sales leads still exist, especially at events companies host or take part in.

Challenges Faced

  • Senior executives are your target customers. They are extremely challenging to reach, let alone to convince.
  • Executive networking events work best but you don’t get anything like the return on investment you want …or deserve!

Overcoming the Challenges

Strategenic Ltd., CorporateLeaders growth partner, has designed a service to help companies multiply the number of good leads gained at executive networking events.

Services include:

  • Evaluating current approaches compared to best practices seen in fast-growth companies to pinpoint gaps
  • A series of sessions with key sales and marketing executives to close gaps and ensure goals are achieved
  • Team sessions to define what the business requires and how sales and marketing can work together to deliver results
  • Understanding barriers
  • Overcoming barriers to take advantage of the improved economy

The initial evaluation is followed by a series of one-to-one sessions with the team leads and short team sessions – realising maximum benefit in the minimum time. We know your time is at a premium.

Benefits to You

This lead enhancement service will:

  • Ensure sales and marketing are aligned and committed to maximizing the impact of every executive networking event
  • Provide confidence that each quality sales lead is given priority
  • Improve overall sales and marketing teamwork

Take the first step to multiplying your leads:

  • Call Jane Bromley from Strategenic on +44 207 0604 007 or email her at jane@strategenic.co.uk to talk through your situation.
  • Or call Andre Rampat on +32 472 434 731 or email him at a.rampat@corporate-leaders.com to hear why CorporateLeaders chose Strategenic as their preferred partner.

About Strategic Ltd.

Strategenic is a management consultancy that is dedicated to:

  • Delivering outstanding results through excellent strategic planning
  • Continually improving performance
  • Creating an environment that is so inspiring it brings out the very best in everyone

Strategenic has a track record of delivering excellent results for clients across Europe and USA.




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