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  • Doing well by doing good: IBM Study says Businesses Seeking Growth through CSR
    Companies believe that when they are more open with stakeholders and place social responsibility at the core of their business strategy they will be more competitive, attract and retain the best talent, and gain access to new business opportunities, says a global study released by IBM.
    Read more 12 February 2008
  • Corporate leaders calling for gentler capitalism
    Every few decades, America's business leaders change their minds about what obligations corporations and the wealthy have to society. This happened 100 years ago, when ex-robber barons like Andrew Carnegie invented modern philanthropy. Now, corporate leaders are shifting their thinking once more, calling for a gentler form of capitalism.
    Read more 6 February 2008
  • Britain's biggest companies are urged to link bonuses to safety and green success
    Britain's biggest companies are being urged to radically alter the way they pay their directors by linking their bonuses to non-financial measures such as environmental protection and the safety of employees.
    Read more 6 February 2008
  • HP's innovative inkjet recycling program
    In an industry first, HP today announced it has developed an engineering breakthrough that enables the use of post-consumer recycled plastics in the production of new Original HP inkjet print cartridges.
    Read more 30 January 2008
  • Marketing: A question of Ethics
    Public awareness of ethical issues is at an all-time high. As always, marketers follow close behind. But are they just jumping on the bandwagon?
    Read more 21 January 2008
  • Does CSR work?
    “The theological question—should there be CSR?—is so irrelevant today,” says John Ruggie of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. “Companies are doing it. It's one of the social pressures they've absorbed.”
    Read more 17 January 2008
  • Just good business
    Corporate social responsibility, once a do-gooding sideshow, is now seen as mainstream. But as yet too few companies are doing it well, says Daniel Franklin.
    Read more 17 January 2008
  • The feel good factor
    When catastrophic floods hit Bangladesh last November, TNT's emergency-response team was ready. The logistics giant, with headquarters in Amsterdam, has 50 people on standby to intervene anywhere in the world at 48 hours' notice. This is part of a five-year-old partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP), the UN's agency that fights hunger.
    Read more 17 January 2008
  • BT and Cisco Sponsored Paper Says Sustainability Breeds Innovation and Profitability
    Focusing on sustainability can help businesses innovate and see profits, but it's a concept that has to start with leadership and be part of a company's culture, according to a paper released yesterday.
    Read more 16 January 2008
  • Companies warned on social reports
    A group of influential investors has warned 78 listed companies that they are breaching pledges to a United Nations agreement on society and the environment by failing to publish progress reports.
    Read more 15 January 2008
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