The State of Digital Innovation, One Year Into the Pandemic  

24 February 2021:

It’s obvious COVID–19 accelerated digital reliance for many companies. And it’s no surprise that, according to a recent study, 89% of tech leaders believe digital experiences are critical to addressing new COVID–19 challenges. In this race toward 100% digital business, agile innovation is the new elixir of life — without it, a company may face an early retirement.

Kong just released their 2021 Digital Innovation Benchmark, which summarizes the tech priorities of 400 IT leaders. The findings stress the importance of rapid digital innovation, open source, microservices architectures, and high quality practices for scaling today’s application ecosystems. Here are the key points technology leaders need to know to remain competitive.

Innovate or Dissipate

The urgency to innovate is increasing. According to the survey, 84% of respondents predict a business will go under within six years if they lag behind in digital innovation. Fifty one percent of tech leaders believe their business can only survive three years.

If digital transformation happens too slowly, it can pose an existential threat. But there are many factors that can hinder faster digital innovation; the complexity of using multiple tech stacks, reliance on legacy IT and lack of automation. Not only are there internal woes, but external danger — 62% of respondents worry about failing to keep up with competitors who innovate faster.

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