The Seven Deadly Sins Of Automation Mismanagement  

26 March 2021:

Despite the claims of industry prognosticators that we’re entering an enlightened age of business process hyperautomation, business executives frequently experience buyer’s remorse after making significant investments in automation tools, skills and pilot projects. Technology initiatives of any description are bound to fail if they’re unable to obtain ample funding and visible support from key executives. But many automation programs have failed to live up to initial expectations in spite of receiving generous funding and highly visible executive endorsement. How could this have happened? What went wrong?

Half of the companies surveyed in a 2020 Bain & Company report indicated that their automation initiatives failed to deliver anticipated results. These failures were attributed to execution issues involving funding, technology adoption, training and project prioritization. But their analysis only tells part of the story.

The not-so-obvious tripwires of automation failure are listed below. Any one of these mistakes can significantly derail the best planned program. The commission of two or more of these sins may be fatal.

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Source: Forbes

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