How to Create an Incident Response Plan From the Ground Up  

19 April 2021:

Every organization that monitors for security threats must have a plan for handling a threat once it's discovered. Avoiding cyberthreats entirely would be ideal, but that is not reality. An incident response (IR) plan is designed to document your organization's plans for what you should do if a serious security incident happens.

Some organizations build IR plans because they are told to do so by regulatory agencies. Others do so because they know efficiency in responding to an incident is a major factor in reducing its impact. Security incidents will happen, and the point of an IR plan is to reduce negative impact on the organization in the inevitable event of a cyberattack.

Here are the five steps that security professionals must take to design and implement an operational and effective IR plan.

1. Build the IR Practice

A good starting point is to create the IR plan document itself, which starts with building a vision for the IR practice. The document should contain the following components:

IR mission statement: This rationalizes the need for an IR plan in the first place.

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