How colocation fits alongside a cloud-native architecture  

1 March 2021:

Technology will have an important role to play in supporting business growth opportunities as organisations begin to claw back the ground they lost during the coronavirus crisis.

It is likely that many technology-powered growth initiatives will rely on the flexibility of cloud computing, to enable organisations to deliver new products and services quickly, while maintaining a controllable and agile cost model that allows them to expand quickly as and when they need to.

But some applications, particularly those that have been designed as single tenanted, cannot shift easily to the cloud. They will major reworking, which is the main reason organisations continue to bear the costs associated with running their own datacentre facilities.

Colocation datacentre providers have carved a niche, helping organisations to lower the overheads associated with running their own datacentres. Multiple companies can rent server space in large facilities that offer all the necessary power, cooling and networking required to run their customers’ IT equipment.

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Source: ComputerWeekly

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