Five Key Considerations For Your Cloud Migration Plan  

8 February 2021:

Covid-19 has accelerated the race to the cloud as companies rethink their business and cost models and change how they operate to succeed in a world where in-person interaction is not possible or is limited. According to LogicMonitor’s Cloud 2025 study, 87% of global IT decision makers stated that Covid-19 will accelerate their cloud plans.

However, moving systems and applications to the cloud can be difficult for those who rush into the process without a plan, and this can lead to hidden challenges and additional costs over time. Problems can occur when organizations don’t properly determine their needs and the scope of the project in advance, leading to poor performance and low return on investment (ROI).

How can organizations avoid these issues? The bottom line is that it’s important to take a step back and do the planning required before moving forward with a cloud project. Here are five areas in the planning process that organizations should look at to set themselves up for success in the cloud:

1. Look at costs holistically.

When developing their ROI models for cloud projects, companies often make the mistake of only calculating the operating costs of being in the cloud. But they must also calculate the cost of getting to the cloud if they hope to have an accurate calculation.

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Source: Forbes

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