Digitate Announces Results of Inaugural Autonomous Enterprise Survey, Reveals Redundant Tasks as Num  

17 February 2021:

Digitate, the leading autonomous enterprise software provider, announced today the results of its inaugural Autonomous Enterprise survey. Digitate surveyed leading European AIOps influencers in September 2020. The report aimed to better understand how Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled Intelligent IT Operations and automation are impacting IT Infrastructure, applications, end-user services for European companies, and the barriers that might be preventing them from realizing its full potential.

Findings revealed 82% of respondents claimed the number one IT operation management challenge was having too many redundant or routine tasks. This was closely followed by 65% claiming no proactive capabilities to detect and correct system issues as the second biggest challenge, and 64% claiming a lack of flexibility to scale with business needs as the third biggest challenge.

“COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation for almost every industry, and AIOps is emerging as a critical business need for the digital enterprise”

With most organizations rapidly transitioning away from a traditional in-house IT infrastructure to modern and agile IT systems, the volume of data being created can be overwhelming. Traditional domain-based IT management solutions can’t keep up the pace of these rapid changes, leaving IT teams facing numerous challenges, such as infrastructure complexities, long delays in isolating and resolving IT faults and inconsistent and variable quality of operations. Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) has emerged as a cutting-edge solution for these IT operations challenges.

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Source: Business Wire

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