Calculating cloud migration costs: What CIOs need to consider  

26 February 2021:

Most CIOs are still in the process of migrating workloads from on-premises data centers into IaaS environments, whether it's to get strategic and take IT out of the data center business, shift costs from capital to operating budgets, minimize risk or improve agility and scalability.

Whatever the motivation, one crucial component of the migration process is calculating cloud computing costs. More specifically, the costs of preparing for migration, the costs of cloud migration itself and the post-migration operating costs of the migrated workloads.

This is critical because none of the motivations for migrating a business infrastructure to the cloud is truly "cost no object." The desired business benefit is always weighed against the cost. Even when leadership decides there is no acceptable alternative to moving to the cloud, they must have an idea of the cloud migration costs in order to make decisions about how -- and how quickly -- the move can proceed.

Pre-migration costs: Planning isn't free

CIOs should have a clear idea of how much it will cost to prepare for the cloud migration. At a minimum, it will consume a significant amount of staff time. Migration teams typically center around service or application managers and associated systems staff but will tap resources in storage and network engineering and security. Depending on the application within an organization, migration can also require input from integration specialists, risk management teams and development teams.

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