We need more AI product owners, not data scientists  

7 April 2021:

If you think Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a short-lived hype, think again. Stanfords 2021 AI Index shows that global corporate AI investment amounted to a record-high $67 bn. Last year’s AI investments topped even 2019’s all-time high comfortably by 40%. According to PWCs 22nd Global CEO Survey, 77% of Fortune 500 CEO’s plan to start or already employ AI initiatives. Given the steadily increasing investment in AI, Data Science comes under pressure to deliver tangible results.

The potential rewards of integrating AI into your business are immense. According to the 2020 McKinsey Global AI Survey, AI is contributing more than 20% of EBIT for an elite group of AI practitioners. Additionally, these AI High Performers spend more of their budget on AI initiatives than competitors. They also have the capabilities to develop AI solutions in-house, instead of depending on external suppliers.

As Data Science matures, so does the pressure for the field to actually live up to the hype. The field needs to deliver tangible business benefits. A vital, yet underutilized role for the success of AI Products is the AI Product Owner (AI PO).

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Source: The Next Web

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